Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A Visit with Angels

Recently a couple of my colleagues were responsible for saving a man's life. While many of us can claim having saved lives, we rarely get the recognition we deserve. Now it's not about the recognition of course. But when you make a difference in some one's life and you do get recognized, it makes it that much sweeter.

Fellow AmCare EMTs Heather and Jen were recently recognized for their efforts. During a transport to FAHC with a patient having an active MI, the patient coded and was revived. Afterwards, the patient actually paid for a 1/6th page spot in the local paper to thank them and local nurse Pam Scott (also an EMT with Enosburgh) for their efforts. I quote directly from the spot entitled "A Visit With Angels":

This is my story about a visit with angels. On March 8th, 2007 while shopping St. Albans, VT, I suffered a heart attack and the emergency response team was called. As I remember it, they were at my side in just a few minutes. I believe I was lucky to be conscious long enough to observe these ladies in action.

Knowing how to do this work is not all it takes. Their determination and heroic action saved my life. My wife was in the ambulance with me as we sped to Burlington and she recounted most of the ride to me a few days afterward....

The main focus of this story is to praise the three angels, Jennifer Mucha, Heather Wright (EMT's) and Nurse Pamela Scott and the emergency medical team at Fletcher Allen for their effort. This kind of experience has to take a toll on them both mentally and physically. They should be treated with the highest regard. There is no way that I know of to put a monetary value on the saving of the life of someone you don't even know. I will be indebted to them for as long as I live.

May God bless you all that you inherit the reward you deserve.

Larry Hetrick Sr.

Nice job girls, and thank you Mr. Hetrick for taking the time to publicly acknowledge these dedicated professionals. We all too often see the worst side of humanity...the pain and suffering, the despair and sorrow. Your story in the newspaper makes doing our job even more rewarding.

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