Saturday, April 14, 2007

Seatbelt Law Revisited

Just a brief update. I received am e-mail from one of my legislators, Avis Gervais, regarding the seatbelt primary enforcement law. She said that it looks like the bill will be sent to the Governor, and that he has stated that while he doesn't support it, he would likely not veto it. So she thinks it will be made into law. That's great news!

The video that I referred to in the last post got booted by YouTube for an infraction of their TOS. You're not allowed to post clips of graphic violence or injury, which is certainly what the clip showed (but it showed pretty realistically what is likely to happen in a high-speed rollover if the occupant is unbelted). Funny, I got the original clip from YouTube...I just didn't put a disclaimer at the beginning like the other one had. Perhaps I'll edit it later and try to re post it.

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