Thursday, April 12, 2007

Front Page News?

The local paper, the St. Albans Messenger ran a small piece on the front page today about the helicopter transport we assisted with on Tuesday. It was a good story, just a brief description of the call (and a pretty cheesy (my opinion!!) self-serving quote from NMC's Community Relations Specialist). The fact that it made the front page highlights the rarity of an air ambulance making an appearance in our district.

The story was accompanied by a very nice picture (my partner and I and our ambulance can be clearly seen in the background). I couldn't help showing the paper around to my family this afternoon. But jeez, do any of us do this for the praise and acknowledgement? I don't. But it makes me feel proud to see myself on the front page of the paper. Is that wrong? Just tellin' it like it is. :)

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