Monday, April 16, 2007


Nope, they are not something a doctor puts on you after you've broken your pod.

I'm suddenly coming aware of much of what is available through the web and with technology in general. Maybe this dates me, but when I was a teenager if someone had told me that in the future we would have these little devices that hold like 3000 minutes of music, cost less than 100 bucks, are small enough to hide in your closed hand, and can be filled up with music by hooking them up to a computer, I would have thought someone has been reading too many science-fiction novels. Top it off by being able to cruise around the web and find an unlimited supply of information in audio format, free for the taking, and that anyone with a computer and modem could essentially broadcast to the entire planet....phew, man o man, here we are in the future.

I have found an excellent site called MedicCast, where informational podcasts are available. These are mp3 files that I can listen to on my little mp3 player. They contain lots of great tips and information about EMS related topics. MedicCast's host is Jamie Davis, a medic in Maryland, and his website also contains a lot of other great information. There are other EMS podcasts available as well, two noteworthy ones are at Jems and 1st Responder News.

I think these are an excellent way to spread information, and seem to be one way of making our rural world a little closer-knit. What do you want to tell the world?

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