Saturday, March 31, 2007

48 Straight at EAS??

I'm into hour 9 of a 48 at EAS. Not sure how I got sheduled for 48, but it is what it is. I think my director didn't notice that I was on for 24 on Saturday, the last day of the month, and scheduled me for a 24 on Sunday, which happens to be the first of the month. So far no calls. I've spent my time here re-stocking and organizing my ALS jump bag and searching the web for rural EMS resources (of which there are plenty...the links section on this blog has a couple at the top.) My partner for the day shift lives just a quarter mile or so away from the station, so he responds from home. My night partner, Sarah, is due in at 1800. Sarah, by the way, is Miss Vermont for 2006-2007. Kinda interesting to be running with someone who was in the Miss America Pageant. Check out what she's been up to at:

I have said that I run for 2 squads: AmCare in St. Albans and Enosburgh Ambulance. I also am a 1st responder for Berkshire 1st Response, the squad in my town. We are linked to Enosburgh Ambulance, the squad that responds with a crew and truck for calls in Berkshire. I've only been on a couple of calls with Berkshire. I'm either working at the other places or have my pager turned off otherwise. Berkshire doesn't get that many calls anyway, less than 50 a year I suspect.

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