Thursday, April 12, 2007

Primary Seat-Belt Enforcement Law

I just found out that Vermont's legislature is working on a bill that would allow police to ticket people who are not buckled up. The difference between this law and what we have now is that now they can only ticket if they stop the vehicle for another reason. This new bill would allow officers to ticket for non-use if they see someone not wearing their seat belt.

So I did something I have never done. I wrote to my legislators and even the Governor about this.

OK, I know. Civil Liberties, Live Free or Die (wait, that's New Hampshire, not Vermont.) How many more am I gonna have to scrape off the pavement? No way of knowing. I think this law will increase seat belt use at least a little bit. And every little bit helps.

Check out the video I made to support the bill. Its in the sidebar to the right somewhere on this page. It might take a little while to be visible as I just uploaded it. BTW, it's VERY graphic, so be forewarned before you watch it.

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