Tuesday, March 13, 2007

24 at AmCare

Doing the A-Team shift today. A-Team is what my favorite partner and I call ourselves every other Tuesday. Sounds a bit self-important I know, but it's all meant in good fun. The fact is that our styles and abilities match pretty well, so much so that we rarely communicate verbally while on a call, we just "do". I suppose that's a good thing, to be in tune with each other enough to get the job done efficiently and effecitvely, so as best to serve the patient's needs.

Very slow so far today. We've run one e-call. A hemorraging patient from a nursing home. We have an EMT-B running with us today, being precepted, "field-training", for her EMT-I. She's a good EMT and will make a great EMT-I when she gets there later this year.

It's all A-Team for the overnight, after 1700. Maybe I'll catch up later.

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