Wednesday, March 28, 2007

City Fire Dept. Responding with AmCare EMS

Now that Joe B. is Interim Chief at SACFD, he's having the FD crews respond with AmCare to certain calls, and we can call on them for other calls that aren't automatic "sends". Chest pain, unresponsive, seizures, and Code 99 are the automatics. Its been great to have the extra manpower on scene for the times we've needed them so far. Kudos to the SACFD. I only hope that when budget time or whatever comes that the powers that be see the value in it.

We are planning on setting up a series of workshops between AmCare and SACFD to review the use of some of the basic equipment. Most of the FD staff is familiar with just about everything, but we use it everyday and they don't. Better to have everyone on the same page when we really need to.

Just for the hell of it, I'm pasting in a favorite picture of mine: Fireman Joe (or should I say "Chief" Joe) and I at the Maple Fest last year.
That's all for now...later!

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