Monday, February 11, 2008


Called out this AM to a possible untimely. These calls can be depressing, and sometimes I wonder why EMS should be called. I guess our medical training lets us tell if the person is really dead. Nearly a half hour down time and cold to the touch... confirmed. No CPR done before we arrived. A quick chat with the on duty Medical Director fulfilled our legal angle on things.

A case of giving care, respect, and consolation to the family when nothing can be done for the patient. As I've said before, perhaps our most important role is just showing the people we deal with that somebody cares and will do what we can to help.



istheway2 said...

I think it is moreso for the victim's family, so they know that even if there was an inkling that their loved one could have had a chance, someone who was trained would have done something. Closure, I suppose. From our perspective, yes its like "Unit XXX we need you to come look at someone who we already know is dead and let us know if he is dead or not".

Comes with the job

Anonymous said...

Really I think it is more about SOMEBODY just being there to help....What happens now?..who do we call?.., etc. I think that can go a long way sometimes, but I also 100% agree it does not really make a whole lot of sense to take an EMS unit out of service just to look at a dead body.