Saturday, February 9, 2008

24 at EAS

No details are forthcoming in this post about my recent misfortune, but as a result I get to work more often here at Enosburgh Ambulance. I'm on a 24 today. EAS is a relatively small, very rural service that responds to 911 calls in Enosburgh Town, Enosburg Falls, Berkshire, Sheldon, and Montgomery, VT. We have great equipment and good EMTs, and even though our call volume is fairly low, we get some tough calls, long transports. It's not uncommon to spend the better part of an hour with the patient.

Pretty slow today, just one call, a basketball injury at a local high school. We have snow coming and the scanner has picked up with the local sheriff's department getting busy. Maybe we'll get something happening later.

Take care ya'll.

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