Saturday, February 9, 2008

Is There Anybody Out There?

My first post since September. I'd gotten several comments and e-mails with positive feedback on this blog, and I feel like letting it drop for so long to be a disservice to my readers.

That said, I believe I may have alluded to (though very ambigously) that I have been going through some tough stuff recently. Well, as we say here in Vermont, most of the stuff I was expecting to happen has "sugared down". I am not comfortable sharing with cyberspace the exact nature of what went down and what continues to be a very stressful part of my life, but I am back and hope to continue with the WayOutEMS blog. Hopefully I haven't lost my readers, but I guess as it says in the header, I write this stuff to help me get through the day to day in EMS, and I suppose even if no one reads this, at least I'm getting it out of my head.

Good news is that I broke down and bought myself a laptop with wireles access, and so I have access to the web a lot more often now than I have had in many months. I think one of the factors that makes blogging so successful is to be able to write and publish whenever you feel like it.

So, is there anybody out there? I'd appreciate an e-mail or comment from anybody. I suppose getting back to this is gonna help me work through the crap going on now, and a little encouragement from my fellow EMTs would mean alot to me. Hope to hear from you soon!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are back! Missed reading your posts. keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hey man welcome back... theres plenty of us out here... keep ur chin up

Anonymous said...

Hey man Welcom back!!...
Keep writin articles, everybody will come back.

vermompreneur said...

I just found your site, and am happy to see a fellow EMT writing from Vermont. Even if the others don't ALL come back, you can be sure you'll keep gaining more like me all the time. Good on ya'!