Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Brothers and Sisters

Today my partner and I had to do a long distance transport, leaving around 2PM and returning around 830PM. It was HOT here today, like 95 and muggy like the northeast can be in the summer. Even with AC in the truck it was a long trip: We returned, just a while ago actually, pretty worn out.

We looked at the log when we got in and saw that the crews that were on duty while we were gone stayed busy too, running a whole stretch of calls throughout the rest of the afternoon and early evening. Plus they had to do chores at quarters for the end of shift, etc. When we walked into quarters there was a note in our mailbox that they had gotten ice-cream sandwiches at the end of the day and had left some for us in the freezer.

Here they busted their butts all afternoon and they thought of us. Now there's no doubt that we can get on each other's nerves around here sometimes, but all in all, the ice cream story is the way we treat each other here. And non EMS people wonder why our fellow crewmembers are called "partners" and why we act like a big family.

Thanks guys!

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NYC EMS said...

That was a great story.In the city it's everyone for themselves.