Monday, July 2, 2007

Suicide and Trauma

So he said, "May the trauma gods be with you".... Boy do we ever get what we ask for, huh? My sometime partner (out for awhile with a back injury), said those very words to me as he finished washing his car at the bay last weekend. Besides the three trauma calls we had (anaphalaxis, I know, sorta medical, but it started with a TRAUMATIC bee sting, then a fall off of a roof, and an unrestrained driver who suddenly became real up-close and personal with his steering wheel), we had to confirm a suicide death this weekend too. Something in the water or "the times they are a changin'" cause there's been like 6 too many in the past 4 weeks.

Busy freakin' weekend, followed by a busy Monday. How about this folks? Thurs 6P-6A, Fri 8A-6P, Sat 8A-Sun 8A, Sun 5P-8A, Mon, 8A-5P..and on it goes. Whining? Naw, I actually enjoy it. As my sometimes partner Clem says: "Ya gotta check the "insane" box on the application to get this job in the first place....."

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