Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Testing and Re-Certing

A bunch of us had to re-cert recently. Vermont has 2-year re-certs and this would have been my first. The day of the test I happened to be on the state EMS website and noticed that if you maintained your National Registry cert (through a whole bunch of CE stuff!), that that will satisfy the state for recerting. I also had to submit the required CE credits at the Intermediate level to maintain my VT EMT-I03 cert, but it worked out. I think I was the only one that bothered to keep my NREMT-B cert, so I was the only one (besides a couple crew members that had recerted at an earlier time) that didn't have to test that night! I ended up jumping on a truck and running E-calls throughout the entire evening anyway, so I missed just about everything (except the fabulous supper provided by our testing host). :) Later.

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