Friday, May 11, 2007

Urban EMS from a Rural Provider's Viewpoint: My upcoming trip to Phoenix, Arizona

A few years ago, before I was involved in EMS, my parents sold their home in northern Vermont and retired to Arizona. They live in the greater Phoenix area, and from all reports, they love it there. Considering they come from families that have generations of roots here in Vermont, it was quite a change for them. While leaving family and grandkids back here must have been incredibly difficult, they were able to admit that the long, cold, messy winters, inflated cost of living, and sameness of it all here was enough to spend their retirement years where the could actually live a little, not just struggle to get through another winter.

Anyway, I am here in Arizona on a brief visit. The weather is warm and sunny and just about what I would design if I could have a "build-your-own-ideal-weather" genie. I hope to do a little research while here into the EMS scene. I've seen a few ambulances running around, but haven't gotten a chance to talk to anybody yet. I hope to get out an talk to a few medics today about what EMS is like here where the population of the metro area is over 4 million people!

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