Monday, September 10, 2007


Called to a man with difficulty breathing Saturday night. We arrived to find this guy on the floor, barely breathing, audible wheezes, full blown asthma attack. The patient and the only bystander were no help as to patient history. I got on the radio immediately and as I was setting up the nebulizer I was asking for albuterol. My partner is getting the stretcher and everything else ready. The radio operator from the hospital gets on asking for vitals. I told her what I knew: pulse 100, resps about 40 and very labored, bp forthcoming, "I'm more concerned with the "B" from the ABCs right now..."just then the OLMC doc jumped on and gave the order for the neb. The guy was 100% better after 30 secs. of the treatment. He says to me..."I thought I was gonna die"... A good call.

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