Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Absent EMT-Blogger

I'm pleased to find out that quite a few people are checking out this blog. I get comments all the time, even on stuff that I may have written several months ago. This (in addition to the lack of therapeutic value I get simply from writing) is why I feel bad about not being as prolific in my entries lately.

I am going through some personal stuff that is also somehow linked to my career as an EMT, and I find it difficult to go to this space and write lately. For good or bad, one way or another, these issues should be resolved in a month, two at the most. At that time I expect that I'll be back at writing a lot more regularly. I may even be able to share with you a bit about what I'm now going through now.

Thanks to everyone who checks in to WayOutEMS...I appreciate the comments. I'm going to try to bust out at least a couple entries this weekend.

Stay safe out there ya'll!!


Sarah Watson aka "miss vt 06"! said...

Dan, I have missed your blogging too! I kept checking to see if there was anything new and was happy to find two new posts this morning. I REALLY miss EMS, working with patients, and all the great talks and visits with my co-worker, you included. You always have something thoughtful to say! I appreciate being able to keep up with what's going on up there, and maintaining my ties with EMS in the "FC"! Hope that whatever is going on in your personal life is resolved soon, and that you can take it all in as a lesson and find the good things about it. Life definately sucks sometimes--as we in EMS know so well, maybe TOO well.

I am home Labor Day weekend, then will be heading to Portland ME for nursing. I am SO excited...just got my textbooks and have been perusing them and can't wait to get back in a clinical situation. (which will be in about 1 month!)

Hope all is well...and again, I really appreciate your thoughts on here. Keep in up!

Regards, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Best thoughts on your personel issues. I do hope that this will keep up and running as I think this is a great way to keep up with the EMS scene in Franklin County!